Hotel stay in Aarhus at Villa Provence Boutique Hotel

Danish cosiness in French surroundings

A stay at Villa Provence is truly something special – it’s the combination of Danish coziness in French surroundings. When you check in at our lounge area, you will immediately feel the French atmosphere. All furniture and posters are sourced from southern French regions to create the most authentic ambiance possible. Adjacent to the lounge, you can create your very own cocktail from our Trust Bar – and if the weather permits, you can enjoy it in our beautiful, cobblestone courtyard.

Exclusive New Year's stay in the heart of Aarhus

With Villa Provence & Restaurant Havnær

Our New Year’s stay is, of course, something quite special. And naturally, it’s only possible to book at a certain time of the year. That’s why it’s also a highly sought-after stay, which we sell out year after year.

Not only will you have the pleasure of staying here in our French oasis, but Restaurant Havnær also has the pleasure of indulging you with an exquisite New Year’s menu, which we will, of course, arrange transportation to and from.