Villa Provence is located in the center of Aarhus 

There is a wide range of experiences that you can try out when you visit us.

Restaurants & cafées 

From cosy coffee shops to michelin restaurants

Try one of the city’s four Michelin restaurants or enjoy a dinner at a world-class French brasserie.


In the Latin Quater you will find the city’s best cafes, where you can enjoy an espresso or a cup of hot chocolate while taking a break from the shopping.


One spring day in the courtyard at Villa Provence is also a must, enjoy a cool pastis or a glass of white wine to the sound of trickling fountains. If the weather doesn’t allow, we can also recommend our lounge for some hot drinks or cocktails.

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter; a very unique atmosphere

The Latin Quarter is the oldest preserved neighbourhood in Aarhus and emerged in the ending of the 14th century.

The Latin Quarter got its name from the many architects who, in the end of the 1960s, was doing a major renovation of the area, and therefore went on a fieldtrip to Paris and fell in love with the Left Bank of the river Siene or “La Rive Gauche”.


In this area you will find all the nice shops and boutiques, cozy cafés and delicious brasseries, with a mix of numerous atmospheric backyards.

Green oases, beaches and forests

Enjoy the nature

In summer when it is time to enjoy nature in all its beauty, the beautiful natural surroundings in and around Aarhus hold pretty much everything you could wish for. The parks in the city centre and the beech woods near central Aarhus abound with vibrancy and warmth.

And if you feel like enjoying the peacefulness together, then there are miles of great sandy bathing beaches and rustic wood paths for your pleasure.