Villa Provence – outside category





The dream of a hotel is centrally located in Aarhus C. Here you will find the mixture of Provence and Parisian atmosphere. It is not often we see it in Aarhus. Not because there are other lovely hotels in Aarhus, there are several, but at Villa Provence you get the extraordinary feeling of not being at the hotel. It’s a bit like coming home, or visiting an old, rich aunt with immense good taste.


Villa Provence is a dream to describe. We stayed there, talked with other guests and had the opportunity to have a chat with the hosts Annette and Steen Stenstrup who own the hotel. All three parts was an absolute pleasure. The couple have run the hotel since 2003, when it was completed after a conversion and through renovation. Both adaptation and refurbishment were they for, so the hotel now live up to their wishes. All rooms are individually decorated, both in terms of equipment, but also in terms of size, bathrooms, beds etc. Thoroughly tasteful. Most fixtures have Annette Stensstup even found and purchased in France. The style is typically French, but is also a mix of the classic style from the 20s introduced a modern design.


The hotel is located slightly anonymous. Seen from Fredens Torv the building itself is not particularly from neighbors. But behind it is like stepping into a world of scenery – it is absolutely faultless The first setting you meet is the cobbled courtyard with rippling fountains, flowers and cozy small iron tables. Very evocative.


Villa Provence is located a few minutes from the canal and the many restaurants, 2 minutes walk from the street and close to both the Concert Hall, AROS, Aarhus Theatre, the Latin Quarter and the harbor. Yet it is on a quiet and secluded spot in the city center.


The first impression you get when entering the small entrance and go up to the front desk is warm and the heart. Here is a house you immediately feel welcome in. The people we meet here are very nice and helpful, with a genuine interest in the guests. It is for me to see the big difference at Villa Provence and the French hotels. Otherwise, it’s like being in Provence, apart from the climate.