The Well-Traveled Wife

As much as i love big cities,
we all know it’s the little towns that count..especially
in europe. when i was younger and came with my family
my mom was always so good at finding charming little
european towns and those are some of my favorite memories.
so no wonder i like to seek out these places now on this adventure.

One of the best parts of the smaller towns is the hotels.
they are much more affordable than in big euro cities, and
so enjoyable. our hotel here was right in town center (yet
still quiet and relaxing) and it was one of my favorite hotels
yet. i said to chase when we arrived, “this is so so european.”

In the best way possible, villa provence hotel in aarhus offers a true european hotel experience. I soaked up every second here.

Room keys all hanging up ^^ i love how they hold your key
for you while you’re out at a lot of hotels here. Much easier!

This was the courtyard, so…yep. zero words.